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Paykasa is the most secure and effective
way to make payment.

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    Paykasa is offered to you at no additional cost.

  • Secure


    Paykasa is the safest and most secure way to fill your account.

  • Confidential


    When you use Paykasa, personal information is not needed.

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You can have Paykasa Card which makes payment easy,
fast and reliable with Netbu quality

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What is Paykasa?

Paykasa is a prepaid card
specifically for online spending.

Paykasa is a card used by Internet Users in Turkey at E-commerce and other sites as a payment option. The only purpose of Paykasa Card is to provide users a seamless experience and payment option on the internet.

Paykasa Card is a 16-digit virtual card called electronic money in the internet environment, Prevents you from sharing your personal credit card information on the Internet, e-commerce, gaming and shopping sites and secures you.


How to purchase Paykasa ?

In a few steps you can easily purchase your Paykasa card
and start using it immediately.

1 Select the Paykasa card you want to purchase.
2 Contact our live support operator.
3 Carry out the payment process.
4 You can use your Paykasa card.

About Us

We attach importance to our customers and show solution-oriented approach.

As NETBU, We have been serving you since 2014 with our expert staff and professional team. Within the framework of our vision, we offer the best service to our valued customers at the most reasonable prices. Our mission is reliable, cheap and quality service understanding. With our professional and experienced team, we are at your side during and after sales when you are selling prepaid cards.

The responsibility for the use of virtual cards purchased through NETBU belongs to the user. We recommend that you use your card when purchasing products and services from the legal shopping platforms, game sites and application markets which are allowed by laws of Republic of Turkey. We do not recommend using cards on illegal sites.

We provide you with a guarantee that your personal information will not be shared with third parties with the understanding of the service that keeps customer safety and confidentiality in first place.